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Schedule a pick-up so that we can arrive at the right time at your service

Luggage Transfer

Your luggage will be transported safely to your destination

We Return

Once your luggage is safely handed over to you we then disperse.

PRecision is Our Craft

We provide a range of service from our Left Luggage locations to travelling experience. Send your baggage statewide, have it securely wrapped or even purchase new luggage.


Items are security screened

Screening of cabin baggage or other items carried to prevent prohibited items and other threats to transportation security from entering the sterile area of the airport. 

Safety & security to your items

At the airport, the safety and security of our customers and their valuables are our top priorities. 

Bag Wrap

We provide extra protection to prevent your baggage against baggage theft. A fully-wrapped bag is often too much trouble for theft.

Bag Weigh

Our Baggage Check Weighing Machines provide free information on airline baggage allowances and excess baggage charges.

Luggage Shop

We offer wide-ranging luggage shop for all passengers conveniently located in the airport premises.

Luggage Retail

We offer wide-ranging one stop shop for all passengers conveniently located in the airport premises.