Passenger Assistance

Best Assistance, Perfect Time, Perfect People.

We offer you passenger assistance and can make sure you get all the help you need for your journey and will arrange everything, including changes, and connections. We also provide that extra assistance to passengers traveling with small children, allowing adult clients to travel stress-free. Arriving passengers will be assisted at the boarding gates and all the way to the respective lounges. There are help phones  available throughout the terminals and offer 24-hour assistance. We always serve to give improved solutions to our guests.



Our safety assistant can take care of all needs of our guests. The primary role of the personal safety assistant is to assist a disabled individual exiting the aircraft in case of an emergency or to establish communication for the required safety briefing, and assist with the medical, feeding and restroom needs of a disabled individual.

Are you in need of a helping hand?

Our personal assistants will help you and save your time and money so that you can focus on your airport journey


Whether your traveling with a pet, Assist Dogs or comfort animal, we can help make yours and your furry friend’s travel comfortable. Assistance is provided regarding your pets whereabouts and will see that the journey goes on well.


Sometimes you just need helping hands while traveling with infants and small kids. We will provide that extra assistance to passengers traveling with small kids, thus allowing adult passengers to travel stress-free.


For those parents who wants to make sure their child gets to/from their plane with ease, one of our representative will stay by your children side and advise a friend or family member of the status.