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MGAS has helped hundreds of flyers just like you feel welcomed and taken care of at the arrival, departure and transit lounges at the various locations

Since 2000

Committed To World Class Service

We provide prime quality service and enhance the client expertise by incorporating the most effective practices from time to time. We train our staff often on the systems and reward them on achieving the results. We establish relationships with our guests and partners by proving them customer-centric services, We see that you and your loved ones are looked after well. We are dedicated to deliver the perfect airport experience for each for our customers whether on arrival, departure or transit.


Available, affordable, always –Exceptional People.  Exceptional Service”

Experience. Expertise. Excellence.

1.  We handle multiple operations sociable, friendly and professionally, from customer service at airport counters and lounges to operations management supporting safe movement.

2.  We further unpack; type and tag transport loading in preparation for loading onto planes, and freight it properly to anticipate it from falling throughout a flight.

3.  We give package services to stop issues with passengers’ baggage like harm or staining, and baggage delivery and temporary storage services.

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Meet & Assist is a service hopped-up by MGas, that ensures your departure and arrival expertise is seamless and hassle-free



We provide support for a good scale of travel requirements, from disability or mobility help to pregnant or senior passengers


Trolley Management Services

Our team provides excellent trolley management services for number of passengers-improved and economical trolley service delivery.



I strongly believe in consolidation that makes the Team United. Also says, we learn together, we grow together.

We are a strong and diverse team of professionals with a shared purpose of creating an ease way to make “Dreams come true” for the aviators and hoteliers and a promise to design with community and a best hospitality solution in mind serving the Airport & Hotel Industries by providing the excellent quality which is unreliable and professional services.

Year-after- year we realize the success of our business relies on the partnership we establish with our clients. We place a great emphasis on providing an honest return with each a lot, because we know you’ll see the difference. If you are looking for Accounting, Finance , Commercial Transport or it may be construction and what not? You name it and we serve you. Let us earn your confidence. I encourage you to fulfill the desire and experience the partnership we offer to you.

Together, we are Manque Global Team. Thank you for taking the time to learn about our community—I’m glad you’re here.